The Office of Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs serves as the intersection between faculty, staff, and student communities and is primarily responsible for promoting excellence in all academic programs. The Office creates and supports an environment that advances the University mission of providing high quality and affordable education to all qualified students. In close collaboration with the University 受托人董事会, the President, College Deans, faculty and staff, the Provost’s Office oversees the strategic planning of academic programs, policy development and review, program assessment and institutional effectiveness, and faculty and student development. A number of academic and administrative units report to Academic Affairs: the College of Arts & Sciences, the 商学院, the 教育学院, the University Library, the 成人学位课程, the 大学测试中心, the 终身学习中心, the Office of 机构研究和评估, and the  University 写作中心. Guided by the University’s driving force of Building Success St要么ies, Academic Affairs is committed to the achievement of the following goals:

  1. 促进充满活力的学习环境,培养学生这是知识渊博,口齿伶俐,多样化和不断变化的世界的理解
  2. 支持招聘,发展,和有能力的学生和教师的保留
  3. 建立机构评估的文化,以达到最佳效果
  4. 创造一个包容的环境延伸到大学社区的所有成员。


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